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It’s Hot. Milk was a Bad Choice…

August 8, 2007 · Leave a Comment

Here in Washington, the temperature is expected to reach a steamy high of 103 degrees. Which is nice… I don’t have to iron my shirts before I walk to work.

No wait, it’s not nice. It’s hell on earth.

Actually, a retraction: hell on earth is Baghdad. 117 degrees, 6 million people, no running water.

To recap: the US strategy in Iraq is now to “buy time” for the Iraqi government to stabilize itself. 90% of its population feels that their situation was better before US occupation. 60% see US troops as legitimate targets. Over half would prefer to see an immediate withdrawal of United States forces. And now they have no electricity or running water in 117 degree heat.

Whatever you think about a US withdrawal from Iraq, and what the consequences of that might entail, it’s amazing to me that the justification to invade a country– which were Wilsonian ideals of self-determination, liberty, democracy– carry so little weight in a transitional period of occupation.

Security is the foundation of any government. And if we’ve already demonstrated that we can’t successfully play the paternal role of “provider,” then we certainly have no grounds to play the paternal role of “father knows best.” To quote Chomsky:

As for the consequences of a withdrawal, we are entitled to our personal judgments, all of them as uninformed and dubious as those of U.S. intelligence. But these judgments do not matter. What matters is what Iraqis think. Or rather, that is what should matter.

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