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August 21, 2007 · 3 Comments

So I FINALLY did it… I landed a place to live!

After all the bitching and moaning I’ve done over the last month, in the end the place I nabbed worked itself out so quickly and smoothly, that I’m kind of still in shock.

It’s weird. I’m actually kind of angry that it was SO easy (please excuse lame live-journal nature of this post again, but I owe this to my friends after how much they listened to me whine):

On the way over to see what I considerd to be a “safety” apartment, I got a call that the beautiful brownstone 2 BR for $1000 on 142nd/Broadway that I was #2 for had been claimed. Only minutes later, I was talking numbers on a very nice 3 BR on 123rd and La Salle for $1150. The place was mine if I wanted it. The thing was, there were two other people coming over within ten minutes to see the same room. So I took it. And that was that.

Now… $1150 is at the tippy-top of my price-range. I have no idea how much I can afford as a student, but considering I have no salary currently and it’s a $400 jump from my previous apartment… I would guess I can’t afford this place. Priority #1 has shifted to: finding a PT job.

The factors that sold me were: the size of the room, the responsible nature of my future roommate, the quality of the apartment, the fact utilities were included (which is about $70-100 in and of itself), laundry in the building, the furnishings, and most importantly, THE LOCATION. A 10 minute walk to school is MONEY.

The feeling is very much akin to pursuing someone who is out of your league… wearing her down over time with your half-wit and charm…only to discover that the sex is terrible. (Or what I imagine that feeling might be like, since I am a born-again virgin with little to no “game”.)

Anywho… tomorrow I’ll write about the glee of finding a place, if I find time. Gotta go now.

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  • Faraj // August 21, 2007 at 3:21 am | Reply

    Congrats! I think the relief of finally finding a place in NYC is similar to the feeling that you get when you have to take a really big dump. You try so hard to take the dump but you can’t, and finally when you are triumphant and free from the cold, porcelain grip of the toilet, it just stinks and you get on with your life, clinging to the twin realizations that whenever you leave your apartment for the next year you will spend 20 dollars and you will never feel as good as you did when you finally flushed the craigslist apartment demons down the toilet.

  • Adosh // August 21, 2007 at 6:14 am | Reply

    For PT, may I suggest 7-11. Hmmm, wait you’re not brown enough. How about a Borders or Starbucks?
    Also, props to Faraj for analogizing (that’s a word right?) taking a crap.
    P.S. my word verif was Irejaygt: that’s either Irish for gay or Mick Jagger’s cousin.

  • Jon // August 24, 2007 at 6:16 pm | Reply

    Mine is goggums. That sounds nasty.

    Oh, and it’s always been a dream of mine to be 25 and working at starbucks. “Barrista” is almost like “barrister.” GREAT SUCCESS!

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