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A Day in the Life #2

January 30, 2008 · Leave a Comment

As reported from one of my classmates:

[The following conversation takes place between a 60 year old White cab-driver and a graduate student from Italy]

Cab driver: So who are you voting for?

Grad student: Oh, actually I’m Italian… I cannot vote.

CD: Oh. Well who do you like?

GS: I am not too keen on any of them, but I suppose I would vote for Obama if I could.

[Conversation continues, with cabbie excitedly talking about Obama, and how significant of a moment it would be for him to become the first Black president.]

GS: Ok, here is fine. [pays CD].

CD: Nice talking with you!

[Elderly well-to-do Black couple approaches cab. Cab driver shakes them off, and speeds away].

… I guess we’re not “post-racism” just yet.

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