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Riding Coat Tails

February 8, 2008 · 2 Comments

Let’s frame our political options in the following way, shall we?:

The Republican Party is fractured. The big tent is folding in on itself.

Conservatives, social progressives, fiscal hawks, and the establishment are fighting for the “soul” of the party.

Most Republicans are luke warm on the candidate they have chosen for themselves, John McCain.

McCain therefore represents the candidate who is least likely to lose an electoral blowout, and save the most seats (and face).

McCain’s appeal lies with independents.  Pundits would have you believe he is therefore more a viable matchup against Obama, who also appeals to independents.

Obama appeals MORE to independents.  And he appeals to his party base.  He wins.

Not only does he win, but he brings more Dems into the fold…  Republicans are less likely to “hedge” against Obama… that is, they’re less likely to vote for a Democratic president and a Republican Congressmen.

If Hillary’s the ticket, right-center independents hedge against the perceived establishment.  Gridlock ensues.  No clear mandate is achieved.

Hillary’s coat-tails are far shorter than Obama’s.  She’s not a better candidate against McCain, no matter what conventional “wisdom” might tell you.

Forget the polls.  The fact is, the next President will be a Democrat.  They have too much momentum, too much money, and too much George W.

The real question becomes: who carries the party further?  Who carries the country further?

If you frame it this way, the choice is clear.  Obama for President.

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  • Rohit // February 8, 2008 at 8:27 pm | Reply

    What are your thoughts about the McCain/Huckabee combo? Social conservatives, et al., have their golden boy in Huckabee. McCain still draws (some) independents. And McCain is enough of an agent of change to not be associated with W.’s most hated policies.

  • Jon // February 9, 2008 at 2:12 am | Reply

    I don’t buy combo tickets. People look at the top and know what the agenda is going to be. Plus Huckabee resonates with the religous right, but he still doesn’t satisfy the economic right. The fact is Romney was the only supply side, religious right, socially conservative Republican, but was weak on Foreign Policy and perceived as disengenous.

    Republicans need to clean house and reinvent themselves. The executive will be a Dem because Republicans can’t muster the enthusiasm to turn out in droves like they did for Bush.

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