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1 Year Anniversary!

May 4, 2008 · 2 Comments

Snarkybehavior was started nearly a year ago in May with this post. . .

At the time, it was a diversion from work, an opportunity to write something every day.  Actually, in retrospect, I was feeling particularly violated and self-righteous over my jay-walking ticket, and I wanted to rant to everybody without ranting to anyone in particular.

A year and 233 posts later…indeed, the mile-stone seems rather pathetic… I still haven’t found a consistent purpose for the site, and its really devolved into a place to post youtube videos.  And I think I’m fine with that.

Anyway, for the benefit of the 20 or so people who regularly read my site, the 20 others who sometimes drop in, and the randoms who from time to time stumble by, I’ve decided to let you all “peek behind the curtain”.  Happy Anniversary!

Page View Tracking

Page Views by Month

My page views have hovered around 1500 per month, although I’ve picked up significantly in the last month.  In terms of unique visitors, wordpress doesn’t give the depth of analytics that blogger did, but it equates to about 30 unique visitors per day and 100 per month.

Not bad, I guess, considering I don’t really comment on other blogs or link back to my site.  Most of the traffic comes in directly or via facebook… although I do have 8 subscribers to my feed. Visitors for the most part come from 3 areas:  DC/Virginia, New York and California.

Most Popular Search Terms

It always cracks me up to see what search terms lead to my site.  I’m most proud of “Superman sexual act” and “hood fashion”.  However, the most common entry pathway to snarkybehavior is via a google image search, and the most common searches are for my posts on Hillary Clinton and Jessica Alba.  I’m not sure whether to be proud of that fact or embarrassed.  Anyway, here’s the top 10:

hillary clinton 717
earth lights 142
ashy larry 129
young hillary clinton 93
jessica alba 74
young hilary clinton 50
hillary 49
ucla 48
jessica alba 2008 45
hillary clinton young 44

Most Popular Posts

The top 10 most read posts are mostly inflated by the image search fly-bys, but some of them are legit.  “If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life”, which was my take on a ridiculous craigslist posting that had been forwarded to me, was my first big “hit” and resulted in a flurry of activity.  Unfortunately, I had included the guy’s name attached to the e-mail, when in fact he had not written it (he had only forwarded it on), and he got in some trouble with the HR folks at the investment bank he worked at.  I think the poor guy still google searches his own name to see if it lands on that post.

In Defense of Kobe was on the wordpress front page for awhile.  I like to think I helped him win the MVP.

2007-2008 UCLA Bruins – Basketball Previ 548 More stats
If you wanna be happy for the rest of yo 353 More stats
“Fit for the Classroom, Fit for the 278 More stats
Doing No Evil 196 More stats
In Defense of Kobe 187 More stats
Why is Tide the most expensive detergent 162 More stats
Cuban Art 161 More stats
Doing Good vs. Doing Well 156 More stats
About 150 More stats

My Favorite Posts

Considering I named the site Snarky Behavior, I really haven’t been all that snarky.  Because it’s such a public site, I feel obligated to justify the intermittent snark with semi-cogent commentary.  Which gets boring and are my least read posts.  By far, the posts I am most proud of are:

Throwing a House Party

This Date in History, August 14

Anyway, thanks for reading and commenting!

To the confusion of our enemies!


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