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June 10, 2008 · Leave a Comment

I’ve been experimenting with some different aggregators and activity feeds to try to get my online presence better organized.  FriendFeed looks cool but it might be the ultimate overshare, and I’m already probably too old to use it (or expect my friends to).  It’s basically the facebook mini-feed, but for every online activity you do (i.e. Flickr, Facebook, NetFlix, Amazon, Picassa, blogs, etc.) is free online version based on the Quicken model and is excellent.  My only problems with it is that it mislabels some purchases, and seems to have trouble accessing my ING Savings account.  Otherwise, it can track my Checking, Savings, Credit Card, Mutual Fund and 401(k) all in one place, in real-time.  Pretty neat.

Pageonce is the mother of all aggregators.  It basically stores and tracks every online account you could possibly think of.  Every airline mile program, rewards program, financial program, e-mail, social network, is accessed and imported to the same place, making this the ultimate homepage.  I’m not sure if everyone feels secure having all of their usernames and passwords stored in one place, but for me its gravy.

Anyway, the saddest part of tracking my updates via pageonce is the following daily reminder:

Sallie Mae (loans)

Accrued Interest: $11.06

Even sadder… that daily number will double after this year.

Even saddest… that’s on top of the principle.

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