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An E-Mail to Get You through the Day

July 14, 2008 · 4 Comments

From my friend Nick D., who has fully justified his pursuit of a PhD in English Literature, by the composition of a top 10 e-mail of recent memory:

so, i’m currently sitting in the park slope branch of the brooklyn public library, and my day has just been made by a wizened old woman who–only a few short moments ago–walked up to the information desk across the room and whisper-shouted, loud enough to garner the attention of every other person in the building, the words i’ve been waiting my whole life to hear: “WHERE ARE THE JIMMY BUFFETT BOOKS?!”

beleaguered by time and stooped with age, this woman nonetheless evinced a startling and fiery passion for the man who wrote “cheeseburger in paradise.”  i have no doubt that it could have fueled a thousand propane grills.  god bless her parrot-heart.

i hope you will reflect on this story, and feel free to draw your own morals.

happy monday,
nick d.

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