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August 29, 2008 · 3 Comments

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Palin was selected as the runner-up in the 1984 Miss Alaska contest.  Runner-up!  That’s classic.

She has five kids, the youngest of which has downs.  She had  her youngest son at the age of 44 (which I consider irresponsible but hey, it’s not my body), and pre-natal tests indicated he had an additional chromosome.  This will energize the right to life discussion, undoubtedly.  What a dumb distraction.

She won the 2006 Gubernatorial election with… get this… 114,697 votes!  Really?  I’m pretty sure more people vote in Irvine for freaking mayor.  Now she’s a heartbeat away from running the country?

Look, John McCain has led a hard life.  He’s 72 years old… far older than Tim Russert or Bernie Mac or anyone else you want to point to who died unexpectedly.  Maybe it’s rude to suggest, but the relative odds of him dying in office are MUCH higher than say, Bush, Clinton or (especially) Obama.  If he dies, we’re now being led by someone with 2 years of governance, and presumably ZERO foreign affairs knowledge/experience?

As an American, with a rooting hedged interest for the best possible candidates from each party, I am uncomfortable with this pick.

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