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Memo to the Palin Camp

September 5, 2008 · Leave a Comment

I’m going to share something with you that I learned from former Secretary of State Warren Chrisopher:

You see, Mr. Chrisopher taught a class I was in at UCLA called “International Hot Spots.”  It was a competitive 20 person seminar in which we debated US foreign policy in a number of important geopolitical situations around the world.

One day in class, we were discussing the history of Iran and Iraq, and the US government’s subversive role in their border conflict.  The debate was intense, and we were really laying into one another, before Mr. Christopher stopped us abruptly:

“I need to tell you all something before you continue.  Some of you in class are pronouncing the names of these countries incorrectly, and it completely subverts your argument and makes you appear unknowledgable.”

He cleared his throate and enunciated the next words VERY clearly.

“It is not I-raq and I-ran.  It is Ear-raq and Ear-ran.” He tugged on his ears, to emphasize the point.

Someone needs to pull on Sarah Palin’s ears, because she’s grating mine.

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