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The other day, a friend of mine sent a mass e-mail to a group of guys from college with the subject MY. LIFE. IS. OVER.  He had gone in for an annual check-up with his physician, and had been prescribed Propecia, to preemptively combat male-pattern baldness.

We were all surpisingly sympathetic/supportive (surpisingly so because just a few years ago, we would have collective laughed hysterically.  Funny what three years removed from college will do to you.  This is why driver’s insurance premiums for young men drop precipitously at age 25).

What was more interesting is that we had a few responses (including the one in my mind) that said:  “Wow, you can do that?  Maybe I should schedule an appointment…”

My point here is that my post a few days ago highlighting the importance of Virginia as an electoral battleground, urging my friends there to volunteer a weekend or two to canvass, inspired me to sign up and canvass in my own neighboring state of Pennsylvania (the weekend of October 11th, if anyone would like to join me/carpool).

I know I have friends who read this blog in California.  Go sign up to volunteer in Nevada! Are you in law school at Michigan?  Get your whole class to volunteer! And of course, if you’re in DC, you’ve got to get down to Virginia at least once.

Other people are doing it, and you should too!  I know you are busy, but so are the people who are signing up.  Think about it this way:  if one or two days of your work could make the difference between 4 years of Obama as president and McCain as president, wouldn’t you do that in a heartbeat?

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