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Overheard in the Bronx

September 25, 2008 · Leave a Comment

On my walk home, near Fordham Center, I passed by a group of black men in white robes, “preaching” into a microphone:

[Preacher #1]:  The Bible says that God loves only the chosen people, the Israelites.  The Bible don’t say nothin’ ’bout him lovin’ no other nations!  He don’t love anyone from China!  He don’t love anyone from Japan!  He don’t love anyone from the White Man’s land!

[Preacher #2]:  He values those people as nothin’!  He values them at less than nothin’!  It’s all right here in the Bible!  [Proceeds to read a Psalm].

I walk past.

[Preacher #1]:  The White Man think the Bible is talkin’ ’bout him!  But God only loves the chosen people, the Israelites!  And who are the Israelites?  The twelve tribes!  And there ain’t no White tribe!  There is the so called “Negro” tribe, the Puerto Rican tribe, the Dominican tribe, the Mexican tribe…” there ain’t no tribe for Arabs!  There ain’t no tribe for Asians!  There ain’t no tribe for the White Man!

…you learn something new everyday!

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