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Palin and the Polls

October 3, 2008 · Leave a Comment

I’m in Iowa at my parents house, and watched the VP debate with my Stepmom.  We watched on Fox News and I was yelling at the television the entire time, incredibly flustered with Palin’s refusal to a.) answer questions and b.) offer specifics.

Most of all though, I was flustered to see how well she was performing.  After watching her interviews with Katie Couric, I was expecting her to get trounced.  Not being able to name a single Supreme Court decision besides Roe v. Wade?  Not being able to recall the name of another US Vice President in history?  Why wasn’t the moderator pressing her on her answers?  Where were the follow-ups?

After the debate, I conceded that Palin “won,” in the sense that she won the expectations game.  The guys on Fox (Kristol, et al.) were creaming their trousers over it.  I complained (loudly) to my Step Mom that a.) these men had no, zero, zilch respect for Sarah Palin (the soft bigotry of low expectations) and that b.) identity politics is going to destroy our democracy in the long run, and it’s hard to be sympathetic to mid-to-low class Americans when things go badly if these are the leaders they’re going to vote for.

But I was INCREDIBLY heartened to see the polls amongst undecideds indicating that Biden had indeed “won” the debate, even though Palin was more “likable.”  It reminded me that even though Palin was the more impressive orator, Biden had the more impressive argument, and in the end, that’s what people cared more about.

It’s good to know that in the aggregate, good ideas triumph over bad ones, and sound sense triumphs over cockamamie.

It’s also important to remember that if/when Obama wins this thing, the educated class doesn’t celebrate this as a triumph of elitists/educated class over philistines/working-class, but simply GOOD IDEAS over BAD ONES.

Remember, in an information age, the logical end of the Republican party is near.  You can’t sustain yourselves on lies.

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