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March 8, 2009 · 1 Comment

There is a birthday party for a 1 year old going on next door, complete with blaring Latino ballads alternated with reggaton; a Muslim service going on across the street celebrating the birthday of the prophet Muhammad; and an ice-cream truck parked out front, blasting “the Farmer in the Dell” while the driver sells drugs to five dealers who front as clothing store operators (as they themselves are straining the sub-woofer of their SUV blasting crappy hip-hop).

The cogitative dissonance that all of these sounds, taken together, this creates for me (as I try to study for a statistics midterm) is so god-awful that it took me a good 15 minutes just to write this post, and I’m not even sure if it’s grammatically correct. This is the worst.

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  • Marcus in the Dell // March 25, 2009 at 3:36 pm | Reply

    As you may know, you are (or were, about three weeks ago when this was written and hopefully not at this very moment) at the crossroads of the three major monotheistic religions all celebrating their own version of happiness. Let me explain. 1. Latino ballads are to Christianity what the chants of the Gregorian monks were in the Dark Ages – beams of sacred light emanating from those closest to God (in other words, Julio Iglesias (spanish for churches!!) and Celia Cruz (spanish for cross!!!). 2. I’m not going to explain Muhammed’s significance, but I bet his birthday is sort of a big deal. 3. “Farmer in the Dell” is an obvious reference to the song the Israelites sang as they wandered the desert and were (perhaps not surprisingly) singing as they built the foundations of Jerusalem.

    Are you, then, surprised that their combined sounds would create window-shattering dischord and spread discontent and misunderstanding to all the non-believers within earshot?

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