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Fishing the Long Tail

June 15, 2009 · 2 Comments

I heart kanye

I heart kanye

My friend Leo showed me a shirt he had purchased in London, that I thought was pretty amusing.  It was the classic “I <3 NY” white t-shirt, only in small font the characters “Mo” and “e” were added so the shirt read “I <3 Money.”  About a year ago, I made the shirt myself on zazzle to give as a gift to a friend who had gotten into graduate school at Columbia.  I left the shirt publicly searchable, and would receive a small commission ($1.60) for every shirt purchased.

This morning I checked my much-neglected yahoo! e-mail account to find that someone had bought the shirt(!)  I went to my account page and found that over the last year, FIVE people had somehow found and purchased this shirt (there are over 18 million searchable products on zazzle).  Even better, the shirts were purchased in Europe, meaning I got the good side of the exchange rate.  Plus, there were over 100 page views, meaning I had about a 5% conversion rate on a product I did zero advertising for.

Since I’m unemployed and without an income stream, and I frankly have nothing better to do, I spent about 3 hours today thinking of words that have “n” and “y” in some order, and making graphics in photoshop.  I ended up with 50 shirts, the majority of which are pretty crappy, although there are a few I’m pretty proud of (you can check out the full product line yanhast01">here).

Highlights below:

PS I don’t think this post means I’m back to regularly blogging, but maybe I’ll take a hack once in awhile since I currently have so much free time.  Or when I inevitably move into my parents’ basement.  And I’ll definitely give an update about whether this get-rich slowly scheme actually works.

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